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Call centres should not overlook written complaints

In the digital age, complaints stream into call centres in a number of ways. These can include verbal communication, emails, website chats and even social media tweets and messages. However, it is important not to overlook traditional written complaints because they are just as valid.

In new data from Iron Mountain, it was revealed that 39 per cent of companies don’t actively pursue written complaints, filing them away inside instead. A further 57 per cent of firms do nothing with the letters and instead wait for consumers to follow up their correspondence by telephone. Other findings from the research discovered that 41 per cent of businesses have to deal with customers who are angry because previous complaint letters have been lost.

The importance of complaints is clear, and telephone answering services have to take all correspondence seriously if they want to better customer services. However, 66 per cent of firms cannot even store enquiries from multiple channels in a single customer profile. For example, physical letters are hard to store digitally. Therefore, almost a third of businesses actively try to discourage this form of complaint.

Iron Mountain’s managing director, Charlotte Marshall, said: “People still like to communicate on paper. So businesses that fail to integrate paper into their customer relationship management systems are going to lose out. Customers expect the company they’re doing business with to have instant access to a single, comprehensive view of their history with the firm.”

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