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Call centres should focus on reducing customer effort

In the modern era, customer effort is a very important metric for call centres. Switching companies is very easy, which means that clients are free to flit amongst businesses and desert existing providers if they feel life is being made too difficult. For this reason, telephone answering services must ensure that processes are easy for consumers to undertake.

One of the simplest ways to make people’s lives easy is to empower frontline agents. If employees are restricted in what they can do, callers must often be passed from one agent to another. By empowering frontline staff, customers’ queries can be resolved quicker. Agents should also be trained to alter their engagement depending on the age of their customer base. For example, certain generations prefer to utilise traditional telephone methods whilst others are increasingly turning to social media.

Another way to reduce the workload of customers is to integrate new technology into the call centre. For example, using voice authentication can remove the need to interrogate people every time they call with security questions, which leads to customer frustration and longer calls. In addition, providing self-help menu options means that those who want to help themselves can call at any time to solve their problems without speaking to an agent.

Reducing customer effort is vital for call centres not only to better positive branding with consumers but also to reduce workload. Companies that take these steps stand to gain many benefits.

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