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Call centres should focus on becoming brand-building firms

Brand buildingTraditionally, call centres have been used by many consumers as a place to air a grudge. The only reason many people have ever had to contact telephone answering services was to make a complaint. However, with self-service options, real-time communication and the diversification of channels, the digital era is time to change this perception and create brand-building operations instead.

Many firms are more than willing to embrace modern technology to streamline operations and get more personal with consumers. It is no longer a place to hold unpleasant conservations; it is also being used to handle marketing and sales and to boost the quality of consumer care.

To focus on brand building, there are several tools at a call centre’s disposal. The Internet of Things (IoT), HTML5, WebRTC and cloud computing mean that tedious queues can become a thing of the past, particularly with people able to access video, chat or voice contact via a web browser. Combined with HTML5, the customer service quality can be improved by the removal of multiple applications and plugins.

Meanwhile, forward-thinking firms can utilise the many benefits of cloud computing. For example, it streamlines operations and can also break down geographical boundaries. This means that call centre agents can be hired from anywhere in the world, helping firms to provide 24/7 care.

With the expectation of fast turnaround times and quick responses, firms must develop their call centre operations from a simple answering service to a proactive brand-building operation. In the process, they can set themselves up for future success.

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