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Call centres should check Skype support details before purchase

SkypeAzzurri Communications’ Stephen Wright has said that at a time when many call centres are keen to snap up the latest technology, it is vital for business owners to check the details of Skype support before going through with a transaction. Although many platform vendors will quickly offer Skype for Business support, this can mean many different things.

Skype is being deployed across many telephone answering services to communicate better with consumers on the front line as well as in back offices, offering both voice and instant messaging interaction. Wright explains that many managers are feeling pressure from their IT department to deploy Skype for Business across an entire organisation. However, even if a platform claims to support the solution, it does not mean that all of its features will be available.

The potential of Skype for Business is vast. For example, integrated solutions can offer free calls and the ability to seamlessly transition from messages to video when talking to customers. In addition, experts and third parties can be brought into calls to provide even better interaction. However, many traditional call centre platforms only use Skype as a route to a private branch exchange (PBX). All of the capabilities are managed within the platform, which means that none of Skype for Business’s features are available. Likewise, even in a heavily integrated Skype instance, full function may not be possible, especially if the initial call comes via a PBX.

Skype support can differ considerably at a time when the solution is still in its infancy. Therefore, it is essential to check the details before making any purchase.

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