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Call centres returning customer service to the UK

Call center operators at workFor the past several years, it has been not been unusual to hear about brands bringing their customer services operations back to UK shores. In fact, whilst many companies might not be able to run call centre operations themselves, there are numerous British providers firms can use to outsource customer care. Now it has been revealed that the first of the UK’s mobile phone operators, EE, has brought all their customer service calls back from overseas operators.

In a bid to provide some of the best service in the industry, EE has taken the decision to recall call centre services to the UK. As part of this plan, more than 1,000 customer service roles were created across Britain and Ireland last year. Part of the BT Group, EE has grown to become the UK’s largest mobile phone operator, providing TV, broadband, pay monthly, and pay-as-you-go services.

EE Chief Executive Officer Marc Allera said: “Customer service is a top priority for us, and 2016 was a landmark year in the service that we provided to our customers. We’ve delivered on the pledge we made last April to answer all customer service calls in the UK and Ireland, and are making strong progress towards our commitment to expand EE’s superfast 4G coverage to 95% of the UK landmass by 2020.”

Meeting consumer expectations continues to be a growing trend, with call centres going out of their way to impress shoppers. In many cases, this entails providing UK-based customer care operations to give their telephone answering services the highest possible quality.

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