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Call centres remain essential part of customer complaints procedure

A new survey has revealed that 73% of people still look to contact a call centre by telephone if they have a problem or query that needs to be dealt with.  Whilst social media is becoming increasingly important for businesses to take advantage of, the tradition of telephone answering services remains an essential way to provide the customer care that people expect.

In a new survey it was shown that the majority of call centres (though realising that social media was becoming more commonly used) do not believe platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, cause a knee-jerk reaction.  Only 5% of respondents said that social media was likely to give a better response to a customer response than elsewhere.

Steve Morrell, a call centre expert, explained: “We might expect respondents to answer diplomatically that all channels give a similar response, but the reality is – as most customers already know – the telephone channel is still most likely to give the best service.  Furthermore, 43% of those respondents that track cross-channel customer satisfaction say that telephony gets higher scores than other channels, with 57% saying that there is little difference.”

Social media remains an important part of customer service, and there is no doubt that its use in call centres will grow over the coming years.  However, for now, the majority of consumers are happy to deal with complaints and queries via the telephone, making call centres an essential part of providing good customer care.

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