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Call centres remain best for customer complaints

Over the past few years there has been a huge change in how customers want to connect with businesses.  Whilst call centres were once the only option, individuals can now interact with firms via webchat, email and even via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  However, for consumers with complaints, telephone answering services remain the best form of communication.

Complaints are one of the most important areas for a customer services department.  Dealt with in the correct way, many complaints can actually be solved satisfactorily for both business and customer.  This can aid repeat business and consumer confidence, and actually turn people into loyal customers simply because they had a positive experience when needing to complain about a product or service.

One of the best ways to deal with complaints is to have a dedicated complaints telephone answering service.  Whilst social networks can be a great initial contact point, there is only so much that can be said through social media.  In many cases, a simple call centre conversation can have a problem dealt with in a far quicker and more efficient way.

Ultimately, it is customers that recommend a business, and word of mouth can have far more effect than any advertising.  Even for those who have had initial complaints, if these are dealt with the correct way by call centres, customers may be impressed by a company’s competence and continue to refer family and friends.

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