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Call centres providing increased demand for hosted diallers

A new report has revealed that there is growing demand for hosted customer relationship management (CRM) programs and predictive diallers. With CRM systems gathering vast amounts of data quickly and diallers being most effective when focussed on key issues, call centres need better hosting options to keep work flowing seamlessly.

There are many problems facing telephone answering services, including the fact that CRM solutions gather information at a fast rate, which tends to shorten the shelf life of useful data. By utilising hosted options, real-time information can be gathered so data stays relevant to a call centre’s current operations. Meanwhile, managers can save a lot of time by focussing their dialler on specific tasks.

Chris Key, an expert in the area of hosted software, explained: “Without integration, marrying data from a CRM and a hosted dialler is not practical. Worse, data in the CRM is never completely up to date.” Mr Key added that demand for CRM and dialler integration continues to rise, adding: “It is the most efficient way to make sure that clean data flows through a contact centre’s systems. Even better, workflow automation plays a vital role in driving productivity and achieving tangible cost savings.”

With modern call centres having to ensure they are on the cutting edge of innovation so they can remain competitive, utilising hosted CRM and diallers could be an important step forward for many businesses.

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