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Call Centres Provide Successful Customer Care

Call centres offer a decrease in response time, costs and customer complaints.

A recent case study was provided to show that call centres can lower response time, costs and customer complaints. You also see benefits of increased efficiency and productivity. The case study that was showing these results was with a client that has a medical company. They were seeing a great deal of calls come in, but with no telephone answering service that worked 24/7 they were missing out on some of their clients. Even emails were growing, but there was an inability to respond to them quickly enough.

When the medical company added in call centre support they were able to meet the challenges they had been facing. The call centre was able to help more than 9,000 extra clients per month. They were also able to maintain an average of 24 seconds per response time with calls lasting up to four minutes.

The time a call takes is not necessarily as important as the time it takes to answer the phone. By answering the phone faster and with a shorter introduction message customers are happier. Call centres are able to handle call volume much easier than a smaller business with a few individuals answering the phone. They have more staff and have been trained in telephone answering services. The choice of call centre is up to you, but at least you can focus on your clients and how important they are to you.

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