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Call centres preparing for multichannel approach

Whilst a call centre’s heart will remain its telephone answering service, there has been an increase in popularity for offering a multichannel approach.  By providing call centre services to clients, along with web chat, social media, smartphone apps and other services, individuals have more ways to find answers to their queries.  In 2013, it looks as if more call centres than ever will be looking to expand their offerings.

One big area that is seeing expansion is web chat.  This function enables consumers to chat with personnel as soon as they log onto a website, allowing them to get instant answers and avoid having to call telephone answering services.  Customer demand for this application seems to be growing, and many call centres around the country are looking to optimise this channel of contact.

Social media and mobile applications are also seeing increased interest from telephone answering services who want to cut call traffic and offer more ways for consumers to contact them.  Until now, many companies have joined social media but have been content to watch from afar.  However, this is set to change in 2013, with brands starting to actively engage with consumers on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

The multichannel approach is increasingly important for call centres who want to offer customers as good a service as possible.  Whilst calls will remain essential, other platforms are to become more accessible this year.

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