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Call centres often need a spring cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t just for domestic premises, and as the summer looms, call centres often need to take stock of their business and prepare for a little spruce-up. Telephone answering services are often so inundated with work that it is hard to step back and take an unbiased and objective look at companies. However, doing so will allow a few tweaks to be made, ultimately leading to a better business.

Sometimes, all it takes to improve employees’ moods is a little colour. Agents are the frontline of customer service, so it is vital that people feel upbeat and motivated. A simple investment in some new paint, monitors and workstations can change a workforce’s attitude for the better. Again, keeping the agent in mind, taking stock of how individuals are treated is a good idea. Finding a way to thank agents and teams for their efforts is crucial to maintain positivity, whilst ongoing mentoring and feedback, even to the best workers, is important. Providing a forum for discussion is also vital.

Two other great spring cleaning tips are to call competitors and remove limits on customer care calls. Whilst the former might indicate what other businesses are doing better, the latter ensures that agents don’t feel rushed to get through a call and end it as quickly as possible. This can affect customer service and push first call resolution rates down.

Conducting a small spring cleaning on a call centre is a very good idea. With only a few small tweaks, major positive changes can be made.

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