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Call centres not just for private sector

When it comes to call centres, many people may believe that it is only private sector companies that utilise telephone answering services to sell products or provide customer services.  However, the public sector is increasingly turning to call centre technology for help, allowing them to offer the consumer service that modern day individuals expect.

One particular case where call centre technology has been embraced by the public sector is with Worcestershire County Council’s library system.  With three village halls, five mobile and 21 static libraries, the council has a lot of borrowing to organise.  During 2012, there were more than 265,000 registered borrowers, which involved approximately 5.5 million transactions, including books, DVDs and CDs.  Whilst individuals were able to renew books online, those without access to the internet were able to call libraries, resulting in agents receiving around 5,000 calls every month.

With the gaining need for a solution, the council implemented an automated service for library book renewals, freeing up customer service advisors to spend time on more complex calls.  This now means that callers can renew their books without having to speak to an agent, whilst those needing help are able to get through to advisors more quickly.

The implementation of call centre technology by Worcestershire County Council shows how the public sector can make use of telephone answering services.  It also reveals some important methods that private sector firms can utilise in their own centres.

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