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Call centres need to work on quality monitoring

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 08.40.50Quality monitoring is an important process for all call centres, giving managers a clearer idea of the consistency across a company. However, a lot of evaluation forms only utilise yes or no answers, which means that telephone answering services need to do more to improve monitoring techniques.

A new publication reporting on the findings of 100 respondents showed that when quality monitoring was evaluated, many businesses discovered that agent scoring systems are actually biased. Many forms are still based on yes or no answering models. These are inadequate for unveiling whether agents are excellent with customer queries or whether they fail to offer top quality customer care.

The survey also showed that the poor performance of agents often takes managers aback, even though they are often pleasantly surprised when they find excellent employees. The biggest causes of concern were agents with bad communication skills, poor business knowledge, and low discipline.

Finally, the purpose of quality monitoring was always investigated; with the majority of agents (49 per cent) saying it was for training, coaching, and developing agents. Meanwhile, 25 per cent said it was vital for improving service levels, whilst 9 per cent of people said monitoring is used to identify broken processes and root out bad behaviours. Finally, 8 per cent use evaluating as a way to share best practices.

Quality monitoring is important in the call centre for many reasons. However, it is vital that managers take the time to create an unbiased system to get an accurate picture of employee performance.


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