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Call centres need to understand their customers’ digital DNA

Positive businesswoman talking on headsetThe modern call centre has far more to deal with than simple telephone conversations. The digital world has well and truly burst onto the scene, and now telephone answering services need to move with the times and ensure they are equipped to handle customer engagement using a variety of platforms. Companies that truly wish to understand their clients need to gather people’s digital DNA in order to provide the best possible service.

It is crucial to collect and organise people’s digital footprints. When people’s online interactions are analysed, companies can identify their digital behaviour more easily. This not only helps in marketing, but also in providing people with the best product and services support.

In addition, customers should be segmented into categories to help offer the best services. For example, the younger generation are more likely to respond well to social media engagement, whilst older consumers will often prefer telephone and email options.

Using digital DNA also helps optimise people’s journeys. This means that customers can be moved from point A to point B more quickly, whether a team is focussing on make sales or providing support.

In the digital world, understanding customers’ online movements is essential to company operations. When this information is collected and used correctly, it can lead to enhanced business performance and optimised customer care.

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