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Call centres need to prepare for Generation Z

girl with smartphone at homeWith customers taking centre stage for modern call centres, it is vital to address all of the needs of various consumer groups. Now, a new group is beginning to form: Generation Z. These people were born between 1995 and 2010 and have grown up in the digital era. Many in this group might have shorter attention spans, but they tend to be more socially and self-aware and have a lower sense of entitlement. Therefore, it is important that telephone answering services prepare themselves to meet this generation’s expectations.

One of the great things about Generation Z is that not only will they clearly identify what they want, but they are often happy to help find a solution. This is something that is often more customised and personalised than traditional options. For example, a fast food franchise developed an app for Generation Z in 2015. It includes extensive customisation options, provides a way to share menu choices via third parties, and offers online ordering. As a result, sales are consistently 20 per cent higher than they were when ordering over the counter.

To serve Generation Z, call centres must be authentic because these consumers want to evaluate companies for themselves and build real relationships with brands. There must also be an omnichannel presence because the vast majority of Generation Z spend a lot of time on smart devices. Statistics have shown, for example, that these people receive more than 3,000 mobile messages a month and are on YouTube for around two hours every day. Visual channels such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are their platforms of choice and must also be optimised if brands want to note success.

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