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Call centres need to overhaul quality monitoring

Call Centre MonitoringIn the modern world, call centre operations need to be working as quickly and efficiently as possible. This allows telephone answering services agents to spend more time communicating with callers and ensure they provide the best customer care possible.  However, a number of companies are still using outdated quality monitoring techniques, placing them in a bad position behind their competition.

There are a number of extremely time-consuming methods of quality monitoring, including side-by-side watching of agents, or using Excel spreadsheets to actually log results after a call is made. In such scenarios, the time wastage is immense, and the effort of conducting quality control makes it tiresome to keep a hand on the reigns.

For call centres wanting to get ahead, free up time, and make sure they are concentrating on the right business factors, it is vital to upgrade to a new and modern quality monitoring system. Hosted options allow for costs to be decreased, whilst more features provide a better way to evaluate targeted calls. Brent Bischoff, a business systems expert, said: “To develop a high-performing contact centre workforce, it is imperative to have some kind of quality programme in place to review progress, refine practices and coach staff on an ongoing basis.  Quality monitoring technology has evolved in recent years with inclusion of features like agent learning centres for agents to review and self-learn.”

For all call centres wanting to optimise their workload, ensuring top quality monitoring is vital.  However, modern tools should be used to ensure this process does not waste valuable time.


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