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Call centres need to focus on agent engagement

frustrated_manA new survey has discovered that just 36 per cent of employees across Britain say they are highly engaged at work. This means that many companies could be missing out on the chance to optimise staff performance. For telephone answering services where workers are the front line of customer service, it is vital for everyone to be as positively engaged with their workplace as possible.

In the “2015 Employee Engagement: How British Business Measures Up” report, which was commissioned by Red Letter Days for Business, 48 per cent of people said they were moderately engaged, with 16 per cent admitting they had little or no engagement with their firm.

Research showed that among those with high engagement, managers normally encouraged job development, left workers alone to get on with their roles, and provided staff with opportunities to grow. Executives with an engaged workforce also listen to people’s opinions, recognise and praise good performance, set clear targets for people, and provide adequate jobs tools and training.

Bill Alexander, chief executive of Red Letter Days for Business, said: “Too many businesses aren’t succeeding on engagement because they’re following a textbook approach. Companies getting it right are doing elements outside of the textbook; they’re adding colour to their employee campaigns and enriching their lives – in fact, they’re making their employees’ lives better.”

It’s a message that all call centres should heed, allowing them to gain a happier workforce and better performance.

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