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Call centres need to expand into new consumer niches

Attractive positive young businesspeople and colleagues in a call center officeRunning a call centre has always been a challenging exercise, with telephone answering services tasked with answering consumer calls for a variety of reasons, whether people simply want information or are making a complaint. However, in recent years, the digital age has meant that reaching consumers and answering customer needs is even more complex. Now, call centres need to consider delivering their services in new ways to meet customer demand.

The term “millennial” has been making the rounds for some time. Those classed as millennials are people born between the 1980s and 2000s, and they have grown up accustomed to being able to contact whoever they want, whenever they want. However, it is important not to automatically count older people out, for the millennial ideal has affected other generations, too. The result is that people want customer services to be quicker and better, and often via self-service.

For call centres, this means that a diversification of channels is essential. For example, social media is now widely utilised, and many firms have moved into using bots on Facebook and Twitter to provide their consumers with instant gratification. Likewise, some organisations are also setting up such processes on Instant Messaging (IM) apps like WhatsApp. With both this app and Facebook having around one billion users each, it makes sense to harness the power of going to an audience rather than trying to attract them to use other mediums.

Throughout 2017, it will be increasingly important for call centres to meet their target audience where they already are, whether it is through social media sites or IM software. Companies that manage to do this will have an edge over the competition.

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