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Call centres need to ensure sales agents aren’t undermining branding

Side view of customer service assistantsA new survey has highlighted the two main sales approaches used by call centre agents. Whilst telephone answering services staff might want to follow the “bee” method, managers should be on the lookout for so-called “wasps” and dissuade this bad practice.

The poll, which was conducted by Sales Commando, questioned a cross-section of women and men in b2c and finance sales. They found that two creatures perfectly describe the main characteristics seen by agents. Managing director Doug Tucker explained: “We carried out the survey to give some definition to the character types of sales professionals. What we found was that they generally fell into two camps – passive and aggressive, which is how the bee and wasp analogy came about.”

On the whole, bees have positive characteristics, pollinating whilst they’re collecting nature and making things grow as a result. Bees are a social insect, and they also make honey, thereby creating a satisfying and sweet return. Some agents reflect these qualities, focusing on building client relationships for long-term profitability and sustainability.

Conversely, wasps tend to be much more aggressive, less social, and quite predatory. “Sales people falling into this category are focused on the short term and can be quite ruthless in the way they go about getting business and maximising instant returns,” Mr Tucker said, adding, “Their sting is often questionable or outright immoral sales techniques.”
As a result, call centres might like to nurture the development of bees whilst stamping out wasp characteristics.8

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