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Call centres need to empower their agents

A new survey shows thaHeadsett 40 per cent of call centre agents don’t feel empowered to help callers. This can lead to a frustrated workforce, not to mention the fact that many customers might not get the help they require immediately. Therefore, businesses across the UK should take steps to ensure that their workforce has the right tools at their disposal to get the job done and help customers in an efficient manner.

In the survey conducted by EvaluAgent, several key issues that undermine positive customer experiences were revealed. In fact, four fifths of team leaders suggest that telephone answering services staff consistently fail to resolve customer problems. However, less than a third of these managers feel they have the appropriate skills to offer coaching.

Some UK call centres are failing to address the issue. In response, EvaluAgent has produced “The Essential Team Leader Playbook”, a publication that outlines common agent issues and provides tips and advice.

EvaluAgent’s managing director, Jaime Scott, explained: “Team leaders will never have an easy task at hand, but what they do have is the opportunity to hone their trade and equip themselves with the right tools for the job. Through a combination of communicating effectively with teams, empowering agents, and consistent coaching, team leaders can ensure they’re doing everything they can in order to meet the needs of their agents, the business, and the customer.”

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