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Call centres need to break down language barriers

Woman on laptopThe world is an increasingly small place, and with the digital age now allowing people from all over the globe to communicate more easily and freely, there is a driving need for call centres to address the issue of language. Telephone answering services need to ensure that they are catering to as many customers as possible.

A recent poll showed that the majority of call centres are still limited when it comes to language. For example, 34 per cent of respondents only offer one language, whilst 38 per cent – the largest group – offered between two and four languages. However, 19 per cent of companies actually offer eight languages or more, which indicates that some firms are happy to break barriers.

The increase in internet usage over the past few years means that entering foreign markets is far easier than it was before. However, this also brings logistical problems with it, particularly when it comes to the need to be able to properly communicate with new customers. This extends from simple call centre conversations to larger marketing and advertising initiatives.

In response to this, a new “Digital Single Market” has been unveiled by the European Commission (EC). As part of the plan, the EC want to unify Europe’s 28 national markets into a single forum with fair competition and clear rules. As this goes ahead, it will become even more essential for call centres to embrace language diversification.

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