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Call Centres Need to be a Cultural Fit

When it comes to using call centres, businesses want employees who fit the culture over experience.

A recent survey about call centres has led to the conclusion that more businesses are looking for a “cultural fit” over experience. Instead of hiring call centres with a high rate of experience in customer care, many businesses are looking for the call centre that can handle English speaking customers and who can understand their customers better.

Telephone answering services also need to have a good inner working relationship. This means that businesses are also looking beyond experience and more towards how everyone in the call centre actually works together. The survey shows that it takes a certain kind of employee to handle working in a call centre and cope with the environment that exists there. Some individuals will not last long in a call centre because it takes the right person to field customer service calls. These may primarily be complaints.

Businesses looking to hire call centres need to consider what they are looking for beyond the savings and experience, especially if they choose a call centre based in the UK over other areas of the world such as India or the Philippines. One of the most important aspects of a call centre is to have employees who can understand the customers and alleviate their problem rather than causing more friction. To do that a business needs to choose the call centre that can provide clear English speaking employees and an environment that helps keep the employees calm while answering calls.

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