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Call centres need to approach multi-channel customer engagement holistically

The time when call centres only had to manage their phone lines is gone, and in the modern world, it is more important than ever that telephone answering services broaden their services to include an omni-channel approach.  However, a lot of time and thought must be given to such a process, ensuring that all customers receive the same service whether they are contacting centres by traditional methods or sending a social media call for help.

In the modern world, companies receive vast amounts of Big Data from every interaction they make with customers.  The amount of data is far more than businesses can ever hope to analyse and utilise.  Capturing the key information is the hard part and it is something organisations continue to struggle towards.  Even without access to all this data, though, it is vital to approach multi-channelling holistically, ensuring that everyone is treated the same whatever communication method they choose.

Managing both the rising amount of data and the diversifying amount of contact channels can be difficult to handle.  Whilst call centres need to step-up the quality of care given over the phone, they also need to expand into areas such as webchat and Twitter.  Creating long-lasting customer relationships is key to increasing revenue, but it is all too easy to slip up as agents are spread thinly across multiple channels.

For those attacking customer care with gusto in 2014, it is vital to turn to software that can provide as much information at an agent’s fingertips as possible.  Call centres cannot rely on expert agents to conduct all the required processes.  For companies wanting to succeed in the multi-channel arena, using the appropriate software and having a holistic approach is important.

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