GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Call centres need to actively engage with consumers

In a day of multichannel call centres, it is vital that telephone answering services get to grips with the modern tools they are using. In many cases, passively listening and watching social media such as Twitter and Facebook is not enough. Therefore, to best utilise the platforms, actively engaging with individuals is required. This can require additional time and management.

It is a fact of life that customers spend a lot more time talking online to friends and acquaintances than hanging on the end of a telephone line to a call centre. For that reason, it is important to search out potential and existing consumers via social networks. It’s not a case of conducting a heavy-handed sales pitch; in fact, that would be the worst idea. However, by identifying customers who are having difficulties or people who are shopping around for new products and services, sending out a carefully constructed tweet can be a good move.

For call centres, it is important not to only rely on direct mentions but also to utilise Twitter searches to follow conversations about a brand. This can throw up opportunities to help and engage with people as well as provide a good oversight to the general brand feeling from the public. With the multichannel approach becoming increasingly common for all businesses, ensuring that social media is managed correctly is essential for good business practice.

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