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Call centres need experience officers to keep up with modern trends

Telephone ServiceCall centres are being urged to develop Chief Experience Officer (CXO) roles to ensure that customers have positive engagement with companies. Business has changed a lot over the past decade, and firms have to focus on their clients more than ever before if they wish to retain business and keep up with the competition. To ensure consistent care, telephone answering services should employ CXOs.

A report from the Economist Intelligence Unit shows that 72 per cent of chief executives believe they’re in charge of customer experience (CX). However, 32 per cent of respondents thought chief information officers were responsible, whilst 35 per cent said chief marketing officers were in charge. Overall, there is a complete disconnect with what’s happening, which is why CXOs need to be appointed.

By developing a CXO role, call centres can stop the tug-of-war for power between the CIO, CMO, and CEO. This allows one person to be solely responsible for driving CX and making the required changes to improve engagement and positive interaction. It also means there’s only one voice coming down to frontline agents instead of a host of confused ideas and rules.

When a lot of people are involved in something, it often means that no one is actually clearly in charge. With no exact definition of where the responsibility rests, driving CX forward can often be forgotten. However, modern times require modern thinking, and by hiring a CXO, customers can look forward to receiving even better care than before.

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