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Call centres must prioritise keeping up with consumer expectations

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A new report has revealed that despite many call centres heavily investing in new engagement channels, overall customer experience has become worse over the past two years. This means that some firms are failing to keep up with the expectations of their consumers, resulting in the potential loss of customers to competitors.

The joint report from Ovum and LogMeIn surveyed hundreds of consumers and call centre managers around the world. In a somewhat stark discrepancy of beliefs, they found that although many managers think issues can be resolved within one or two touchpoints, the average consumer thinks this is nearer to six interactions. The reason for this disconnect is that many consumers use the internet to research their problem, but many telephone answering services do not track this behaviour.

Ovum Principal Analyst of Customer Engagement Ken Landoline said: “The disparity between the perception of contact centres and the reality of consumers when it comes to customer experience is worrisome as every interaction is proving to be critical to customer retention. Because customers will stop doing business with a company following a bad experience, it is critical that brands identify friction points in the customer journey and offer their reps the tools and technology to help improve the overall customer experience from pre-purchase through post-purchase support.”

For modern call centres, utilising a raft of engagement channels is essential to meet the demands of customers. However, it is also vital that they ensure the use of these platforms leads to increased customer services quality rather than simply pushing people around from one place to the next.

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