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Call centres must prioritise customer services

A YouGov poll has shown that 22% of individuals still feel that they have an extremely poor service when contacting call centres.  Together with news that the average British resident now spends five hours using social media every week, companies looking for outsourced telephone answering services need to ensure that providers can offer a number of alternative contact methods.

Call centres notoriously have a bad reputation, but many are working hard to change this image.  Better customer services – using staff within the UK and offering a multi-channel approach – will provide callers with more options, and can quickly turn negative traffic into a positive experience.

It has been shown that the majority of customers, 59%, are willing to switch brands.  In addition, 73% of people would pay more money simply to receive a better customer service experience.  This fact, in itself, shows just how vital focusing on providing a positive consumer experience is.  In a recent survey by the Guardian, it was shown that 40 global operators said that customer service should be a top priority this year.  However, just 5% said that their current experience was excellent, indicating that there is a long way to go.

For anyone looking to outsource call centre work, it is vital that providers can offer a positive experience for all callers, in addition to offering a range of contact methods.  And, by ensuring that these two points are satisfied, brands can set themselves on the right track to success.

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