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Call centres must prepare for weekend traffic

New figures have suggested that more consumers are contacting telephone answering services at the weekend, meaning call centres must prepare to engage with higher volumes of traffic at these times. Research from alldayPA said that consumer attitudes were changing, with many people wanting 24/7 access to services.

In the past, companies traditionally did not operate on Sundays, but after the Sunday Trading Act came into effect in 1994, the expectations of both companies and consumers have been changing. In the latest data, it was shown that the number of calls conducted on a Sunday has increased faster than any other day of the week over the past couple of years. Meanwhile, there was also a substantial rise in the amount of Saturday call traffic. AlldayPA revealed that call volumes were dropping midweek too, with Wednesday seeing the largest decline, closely matched by both Tuesday and Thursday.

PR executive for alldayPA, Suzanne Yates, explained: “If we did reorganise our opening hours to suit consumer trends, we could see an incredible boost in profits. Lobbyists campaigning to update the current Sunday trading laws say that we could receive a £20.3 billion boost to the economy if we removed sanctions against Sunday trading.”

For call centres, taking note of the latest data is vital. By deploying more agents on a weekend, higher traffic volumes can be efficiently dealt with.

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