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Call centres must prepare for 0845 ban

For many customers, the costly use of 0845 numbers has been a great nuisance for many years.  Now, with new laws coming in to prevent the use of such numbers for customer service lines, call centres must be prepared to make the appropriate alterations to their company.

Some firms have already started to move away from 0845 numbers, and telephone answering services for the likes of Tesco and the Environment Agency (EA) have already switched to cheaper 03 options.  This means that when the law change comes into effect later this summer, these organisations will already be prepared.  The EA previously came under fire when flood victims were being charged 41p a minute to contact designated helpline numbers.  Meanwhile, Tesco took the step to benefit their customers before any major problems arose, with a spokesman saying: “We understand that a growing number of our customers want to contact us from their mobiles, so we’ve added an 0330 number to our existing 0800 numbers.  We made this change as we believe it’s the right thing to do for our customers.”

From 13th June 2014, it will be illegal for customer service lines to be processed via expensive premium-rate numbers.  These include 0870, 0845 and 09 options.  Whilst it doesn’t apply to sales lines or technical help options, it will affect customers who are already in a contractual agreement.  With the summer not far away, it is vital for call centres to take the appropriate steps now, or risk facing Trading Standards and fines later down the line.

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