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Call centres must overhaul call menus for consumer success

Businesswoman - Phone Not RingingThe rise of self-service has been a very good thing for consumers, allowing people to get answers and solve simple problems without having to speak to a telephone answering services agent. However, self-service comes hand-in-hand with automated telephone system menus, and these can have a damaging effect on the customer experience if left unchecked.

Reporting on new research, Eckoh’s Tony Porter revealed that some customers are expected to sit through as many as 107 menu options when contacting call centres. In fact, millions of hours every year are wasted as people try to navigate their way through automated systems. Meanwhile, although many companies have websites with “Contact Us” pages, the majority do not list any visible contact numbers on this page. When everything is added up, it suggests that many call centres are evolving into “stall centres”.

Talking about the problems that interactive menus can bring, Porter said “Customers have had enough of sitting through endless menu options to be able to speak to an agent. Companies have to realise that they can’t continue to waste their customers’ time any more. For too long, businesses have been interested in improving efficiency for themselves, without considering how efficient things are for their customers.”

With this research in mind, call centres must take time to evaluate and review their interactive voice response (IVR) systems. A regular refresh is vital in order to provide consumers with relevant data and ensure that obsolete options are not still being used. For the best customer success, overhauls to IVR menus are essential.

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