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Call centres must not ignore Big Data

A new report from Ovum has suggested that call centres must not ignore Big Data if they want to optimise their operations.  Whilst the focus for many telephone answering services is, unsurprisingly, on their customers, missing the opportunity to analyse data could be a huge mistake.

New research has shown that call centres wanting to monetise their customer data must analyse information in logical processes.  Companies must take the lead from more data-centric firms and learn how the use of lean and agile analytics models can provide extremely important information.

Head of Ovum’s, Telco Operations practice, Clare McCarthy, an expert on the Big Data scene, said: “The proliferation of smart devices and services has led to a considerable increase in the number of customer–telco interactions.  This is happening through multiple channels, which is forcing telcos to sharpen their focus.  As a result, mining a greater volume and variety of data, and doing so in realtime, is becoming a powerful competitive advantage for telcos.”

One of the big problems for call centres is that they continue to lack the proper data management and in-house analytics skills to make use of the plethora of data available.  With customer details a vital part of selling and targeting campaigns towards the right individuals, it is crucial to use Big Data properly.  Therefore, for telephone answering services that want to maximise their profit, analysing data is to become increasingly important.

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