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Call centres must maximise front-line success

SuccessA new study has shown that up to 74 per cent of call centres admit they have hurdles in place that prevent their front-line agents from offering the best possible consumer care. Despite customer services being essential for modern business – particularly with the rising amount of competition between service and product providers – many companies aren’t maximising their agents’ potential.

The “Own the Moments! Understanding the Customer Journey” report showed that operational restrictions mean many agents aren’t able to fully resolve customer problems. The survey, which was produced by a partnership between LiveOps and ICMI, also said that only 53 per cent of firms have developed a customer satisfaction programme.

Overall, more than 400 professionals from telephone answering services and key customer care organisations were surveyed. They also found that 42 per cent of businesses don’t investigate the root problem when contacted repeatedly by customers. Meanwhile, despite the Abandonment from Queue metric being one of the least effective, 68 per cent of respondents still utilise it. This takes up valuable business time that could be devoted to more efficient monitoring and analysis techniques.

For call centres that want to prosper, it is essential that frontline staff are given as much freedom as possible, enabling them to aid customers and get the job done. Placing restrictions on agents only harms consumer care and prevents firms from living up to their potential.

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