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Call centres must make the most of 2015

SuccessWith 2015 already here, it might seem a little late to be thinking about success planning. However, most of the year is still ahead, which means that call centres still have the chance to sit down and consider the challenges for the months to come. Heather Foley, an expert in the telephone answering services industry, has said there are several key things that companies can do if they want to succeed.

One of Ms Foley’s first pieces of advice is to write clear and concise aims so people know what needs to be achieved. There is no point in being overly ambitious or unrealistic with these objectives. Instead, set specific goals that will help lead a team and a business to success. Training is another important aspect, and managers must ensure that education is aligned with the company’s requirements. Once clear goals have been set out, it is easier to funnel training in the right direction and get funding and backing from higher management.

Meanwhile, it is important to break targets down into quarterly challenges. A year is a long time, and plans can easily go awry. Three months, however, can seem like a much easier and more manageable period. Finally, in order to avoid everyone burning out, it is vital for call centres to consider holidays and hobbies for their staff to keep individuals enthused and performing well.

These steps can help businesses set themselves up for success. By putting bite-size challenges in their year, greater leaps forward can be made.

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