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Call centres must improve support to meet consumer expectations

Side view of customer service assistantsNew data from the Clarabridge Survey shows that brands across the UK need to improve their call centre support and optimise social customer services if they want to meet the demands of modern consumers.

Clarabridge, a leader in Customer Experience Management (CEM) tools, said that service still trumps both product and price, adding that “call centres are responsible for 53% of customer’s biggest frustrations when interacting with brands/companies.”

Collating data from 1,150 adults aged 18 to 59 in the British Isles, Clarabridge underscored the importance of providing exceptional customer experience in an era when consumer demands continue to increase. Across social media, it was found that just a third of brand-targeted tweets are ever resolved. Those that are dealt with often have little urgency attached. In addition, resolution takes longer than 2 hours in half of cases, with just 11 per cent of issues solved within ten minutes.

When it comes to the telephone, Clarabridge found that 75 per cent of survey respondents have made service calls, but experiences have not been satisfactory. In fact, only 5 per cent of callers were “completely satisfied” with calls. Overall, 53 per cent of people’s largest frustrations are caused by telephone answering services.

Clarabridge CMO Susan Ganeshan said: “It is time for all UK brands to embrace social media for customer service. These findings offer new insight into the expectations of British consumers and illuminate multiple opportunities for brands to change the way they interact with them, saving time and money with improved results for everyone involved.”

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