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Call centres must focus on noise problems

Call CentreDespite background noises and distractions being an obvious problem for call centre employees, it seems that many companies aren’t addressing this issue as a priority. A new report showed that 75 per cent of workers said that noisiness hadn’t been corrected, even when the problem was raised. This means that as 2015 marches ahead, telephone answering services need to focus on improving the workplace environment.

A survey by Plantronics found that office workers, including those at telephone answering services, said they often noticed decreased productivity because of noise levels. In fact, 66 per cent, 65 per cent, and 54 per cent of office workers from France, Germany, and the UK respectively, believed their performance would be better if noise problems were addressed.

Plantronics’ own Philip Vanhoutte said: “Acoustics play a huge role in the contentment and productivity of a workforce. In today’s environment, it is extremely important for companies to understand how sound affects its bottom line and to take appropriate action to soundscape their workplace. We are passionate about ensuring workers have the right solutions necessary for a high-quality communication experience, no matter if work is being done in a traditional open-plan office, an airport, coffee shop or at home.”

Placing noise problems as a high priority should be automatic, particularly for call centres, where sound can travel to customer conversations. Those who do their part to reduce distractions are likely to see performance and efficiency benefits.

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