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Call centres must focus on eradicating IT issues to be successful

Computer keyboard,woman typingIt has been revealed that a large proportion of businesses feel their growth is stymied by ongoing IT issues. In fact, 44 per cent of industry professionals said in a recent survey that one of the key barriers to running successful telephone answering services is being plagued with IT problems.

In the new survey sponsored by NewVoiceMedia, call centres were asked which barriers prevent them from attaining their dream company status. The only hurdle that ranked higher than IT issues was not having the right budget, with 67 per cent of survey respondents mentioning this. Meanwhile, 40 per cent also said that outdated technology was a problem, whilst non-integrated software caused issues for 35 per cent of people. Other barriers that people raised were lack of management buy-in, lack of time, and not enough staff. This means that in addition to focussing on software, there can sometimes be important culture changes to make within firms.

To run a successful call centre, it is essential to ensure that agents are equipped with the right skills as well as the best software to conduct their work. Companies can invest time and money to turn failing technology around and eradicate one major barrier to growth. By doing this, staff members are provided with better tools. This can make them more efficient and proactive, boosting the company’s overall performance as a result.

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