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Call centres must embrace customer diversity

CustomerThe British Isles are home to a variety of people. Subtle differences in people’s culture, region, and age can have implications that call centres need to understand and embrace if they want to provide a better service. A recent Institute of Customer Service publication showed that customer satisfaction varies across the UK, with those living in South East England less happy than those in Wales or the South West. This means that telephone answering services need to take note of regional disparities to ensure everyone is happy.

There might be some subtle differences in customer expectations that explain the varied levels of satisfaction. For example, although Londoners might think it is an outrage not to have a 3G connection, those in North Wales might consider themselves lucky just to get a signal. Small differences like this might affect how call centres approach customers, ensuring that their expectations are met.

For modern business, it is essential that customer and business relationships evolve. The consumer’s point of view has become more important than ever, so if call centres want to see success, they have to ensure that the best possible customer care is given. The diverse nature of the UK is one of the largest challenges for companies to grasp. However, firms that are able to vary their service levels depending on the individual customer will benefit greatly.

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