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Call centres must embrace AI technology, not fight it

The advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology have raised fears among call centre workers that their roles could be at risk. By working with AI instead of resisting it, however, organisations can utilise this technology to enhance workers rather than replace them.

As progressive and impressive as AI may be, it is a far cry from a suitable replacement for call centre agents. AI has various forms. In call centres, it typically dons the attire of Live Chat bots or automatic email respondents. AI can mimic human typing, but it remains incapable of responding to more complex customer issues. A Software Advice study found that as many as 74 per cent of customers prefer to confer with an agent when dealing with a complex problem.

The desire for human interaction remains very apparent among customers, so call centres must remain open-minded when it comes to AI instead of rejecting it outright. Workforces are under no immediate threat from AI; the technology is best suited to streamlining, assisting and improving business processes rather than overhauling them.

For example, organisations can benefit from AI’s ability to handle routine transactions and initial interaction, supplying customers with basic, data-focused information before connecting them to the appropriate call centre agent.

Whilst there will continue to be developments in this field, it is in the best interests of businesses to facilitate the integration of the technology in call centres and embrace the changes on the horizon.

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