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Call centres must consider customer service an investment

When chief executives look at their business model, customer service is often seen as an aside. It is an extra job to do on top of carrying out the traditional tasks of a business. However, for call centres to succeed in the modern climate, customer service must become a more important priority, with company directors realising that it is an investment and the not the expensive cost it’s been traditionally seen as.

Many organisations are increasingly outsourcing to telephone answering services, indicating that there been a shift in the perception of customer services. Instead of trying to handle complaints and queries themselves, companies are utilising a dedicated service to look after customers. And it makes sense; data has indicated that for every positive customer a business has, cross-sales rates can climb by 20 per cent. This, in itself, shows that investing in customer services can be far more than another simple expense, and it can become a long-term and rewarding investment.

It has already been stated by many experts that 2013 is set to see customer services, and call centre processes become an integral part of companies. By dedicating a telephone answering services team to handle customers, instead of firms trying to do it themselves, consumers can receive better care and attention. By providing this more rewarding experience, companies can expect to see a boost in sales.

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