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Call centres must battle public perception over credit card theft

A new survey has revealed that 86% of the British public believe that call centre agents may steal their credit card details.  It is a perception that must be tackled by telephone answering services to ensure that they can give customers a safe and trusted place to ask for help.

Nik Philpot, an industry expert, said: “Whilst call centres remain an integral part of any large enterprise’s consumer facing operations, people don’t believe that organisations place a value of protecting their data.  Simply put, contact centres have lost the trust of the public.”  In the latest poll it was discovered that 57% of respondents said they worried about fraud and didn’t give out personal details as a result.

However, despite having lost the public’s trust, call centres remain a vital part of customer services for many businesses.  One area that must be urgently tackled is PCI compliance and ensuring that any sensitive data is stored in an encrypted way.  This is vital for call centres who want to ensure that they are safeguarded against future problems and can provide the best customer care possible.  It also ensures that if data is stolen, future penalties, fines and the resulting bad reputation can be avoided.

With customer service a huge priority for call centres in 2013, it is vital to ensure that customers and their details are safeguarded.  For those firms who can ensure that information remains encrypted, a better consumer image can be built.

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