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Call centres must avoid poor routing

Telephone Answering ServiceIn modern day business, there is a huge challenge for call centres; achieving optimum customer care with as few agents as possible. The economic climate has made it important for telephone answering services to streamline their company as much as possible and ensure that every aspect is carefully managed. For many executives, call routing can be problematic, resulting in having to use more agents than necessary.

In many consumer surveys, it has been found that 40% of people become frustrated when they have to be transferred between call centre employees. Whilst this might be because individuals have not used the correct menu options, it is more often the case that bad routing has occurred. This not only puts a negative aspect on the customer’s experience, but also reduces a call centre’s efficiency. On average, each set of 180 transferred calls equals an extra permanent and full time agent.

For companies working to an efficient business model, it is vital to eliminate this time wastage. A number of systems can be used, including using different phone numbers to identify why people are calling; thereby routing them through to the correct department. IVR filters can collect consumer information before calls are answered, and intelligent routing should map callers to the best agent. By doing this, call centres will keep consumers happy by increasing efficiency and ensuring that reduced agent numbers do not compromise consumer care.

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