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Call centres must allay data security fears

Security concept: Lock on digital screenNearly half of the consumers around the world are worried about their data and how it is used, according to a new study. The “New Rules of Customer Engagement” study surveyed more than 18,000 people across nine countries and found that one in five do not trust firms to protect their personal information. This means that call centres must do more to reassure people that their details are safe and secure.

The publication also revealed a large variation in the level of trust customers have when it comes to how brands use their information. This range of opinions prompted study commissioner Verint to suggest that firms need to increasingly tailor their communication with customers to reassure people of data safety procedures. This is even more important for telephone answering services in the UK, where consumers are more sceptical than they are in other nations.

Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions’ Managing Director of Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Nick Nonini, explained: “Recent high-profile, data-related business cases have shed new light on the importance consumers attach to data protection. With this latest research, Verint has created a view into the ‘New Rules of Customer Engagement.’ Adopting such an approach can help ensure greater transparency over the use of customer data and help organisations build trust and confidence in this increasingly challenging environment.”

Verint’s research also discovered that banks are the most trusted for personal data security, with 43 per cent of respondents saying they believed these institutions took care of their information. This dropped to 3 per cent for utility firms and just 2 per cent for in-store and online retailers.

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