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Call centres must adhere to new rules

call CentreOn July 1st, new rules came into force governing the pricing of premium numbers, and all call centres must adhere to the legislation to avoid getting fined. Telephone answering services must now make the Service Charge clear on any numbers starting with 087, 084 or 09. In addition, they must tell customers that telephone companies impose an additional Access Charge when using these numbers. Declarations need to be apparent on all number advertisement, with the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) enforcing the ruling.

Many callers will not be affected at all, particularly if they are contacting ordinary mobile and landline numbers, making international calls, or making contact from a payphone. David Hickson, a spokesperson from the Fair Telecoms Campaign, explained: “This really is a great step forward in clarifying exactly what customers are paying. Previously there were 300 price points – made up of various combinations of Access Charges and Service Charges across different networks and companies. The changes have reduced that number to just 80.”

The change makes call costs more transparent than ever. Freephone numbers are expected to rise as call centres look to attract customers without having to add call cost details to marketing literature and advertising. For call centres that want to stay on the right side of the law, it’s essential to review all numbers to ensure they adhere to the rules.

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