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Call centres must adapt to new opening hours expectations

Call centerThe call centre industry continues to face challenging times, with modern consumers having higher expectations than ever before. Now it has been shown that most people expect companies to be accessible beyond the traditional Monday-to-Friday, 9-5 work schedule. In fact, 7am has become the new 8am, and Saturday contact must also be available.

Over the coming years, the telephone answering services industry will note a large variety of changes. Much of this will be related to how consumers contact brands and service providers. Research has shown a 60 per cent increase in the number of call centre contacts being made on a Saturday, indicating that consumers now demand opening hours at the weekend. Call data shows that Saturdays have become almost as busy as normal weekdays. In addition, people are increasingly calling at 7am and up to 8pm at night, showing that the average day needs to be extended.

Gemma Harding, an expert in the industry, said: “Our data and the opinions of experts we have spoken to show that the way people interact with businesses and their customer service departments is rapidly changing. They no longer fit their lives around completing admin like calling a company; they expect that company to work around their own schedule.”

Harding added that a rise in competition means it is all too easy for people to take their business elsewhere. As a result, opening slightly earlier and having call centre agents available at the weekend is essential.

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