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Call centres increasingly using speech analytics

Female customer service agent in a call centerA new study has revealed that the number of call centres using speech analytics is on the rise. Overall, 8 per cent of telephone answering services now use the software to analyse calls, giving executives important insights into their customers’ thoughts and feelings.

The “How Contact Centres Are Using Quality Monitoring” report conducted by Business Systems shows that call recording remained the most popular method of analysing calls. Forty-eight per cent of those questioned use this tool, saying it helps to create examples of best practice and provides a way to eliminate unnecessary processes.

More than 75 per cent of the companies questioned said they use some form of call recording software, a technology that has been around since the 1980s. Quality monitoring (QM) tools automate the evaluation process, whilst speech analytics can provide call centres with better ways to select which calls are targeted for evaluation.

Business Systems’ QM Consultant and Training Expert Brent Bischoff said: “If an organisation does not feel that a QM system is delivering the insights expected, they need to identify if the right technology, people and processes are in place. With the right system in place, an organisation can identify if they are rewarding the right behaviours, automate processes so more time is spent on coaching, better identify service failures and all whilst improving consistency and quality of customer interactions.”

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