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Call centres increasingly using cloud technology

It has been revealed that call centres are increasingly adopting cloud technology.  As part of a survey, 111 telephone answering services were asked about the technology they currently use and that which they intend to roll out during the year.  Overall, it was found that 46.4% of companies are already making headway with utilising some form of cloud process.

Having asked over 100 firms, it was found that almost 50% of companies were already using some form of cloud computing.  Additionally, 62.5% were investigating the technology, 57.6% said they used hosted technology and another 26.9% said they too were investigating hosting options.  The report noted that “The research points to the ease and cost effectiveness of adding new channels through cloud and hosted alternatives.  Purchasing plans for the remainder of 2013 and through 2014, as well as technology investigations, show that cloud and hosted solution deployment will continue to grow.”

There remain some fears with cloud computing, mostly that companies are afraid of losing the security over systems that they have had for so long.  However, with many benefits to gain, including easy scalability and cost savings, call centres are increasingly looking towards modern technologies to improve their business.  Meanwhile, with cloud software also easier to upgrade, offering increased reliability and performance, it seems as if many telephone answering services will be using this technology in the future.

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