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Call centres increasingly using cloud technology

New research has shown that an increasing number of British call centres are implementing cloud technology into their business.  Interactive Intelligence said that 78% of telephone answering services are already at the stage of implementing cloud systems, whilst a further 41% of respondents are exploring options or have chosen their cloud provider.

The latest results have confirmed data collected in 2012 that suggested that cloud-based call centres would begin to expand significantly during 2013.  A survey taken in December showed that 73% of services already had cloud operations, and when combined with the more recent survey results, there are clear signs that the industry is expanding.

Dave Paulding, Interactive Intelligence’s Regional Sale Director for the UK, Middle East and Africa, said: “The most recent UBM survey carried out in April of this year, shows almost eight out of 10 contact centres have now moved into a cloud implementation phase.  It is a very strong figure, demonstrating the ever-increasing attraction of cloud contact centre technology.”  In the latest survey of 130 companies, it was found that 47% of people were using cloud software to speed up solutions.  Meanwhile, 45% believed that cloud technology would help boost scalability, security, flexibility and simplicity.

With customer service being a vital component of any telephone answering service, being able to adapt to consumer needs whilst maintaining efficiency is vital.  By using cloud computing, many call centres are finding that they can adapt to a market that is driven by customer needs.

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