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Call centres increasingly moving to the cloud

New research has shown that an increasing number of call centres are now operating in the cloud.  The latest date from the “2013 Cloud Contact Centre Survey” showed that 78% of companies questioned have now moved into the implementation phase of using cloud technology.

The survey, conducted by UBM and Interactive Intelligence, found that 41% of those asked said they have chosen their cloud provider or are in the process of doing so.  Meanwhile, 36% revealed they were actively looking into the cloud sector with more interest.  The findings clearly show that telephone answering services are increasingly looking towards cloud computing use to ensure smooth running business tools.

David Paulding of Interactive Intelligence said: “The most recent UBM survey carried out in April of this year shows almost eight out of 10 contact centres have now moved into a cloud implementation phase.  It is a very strong figure, demonstrating the ever-increasing attraction of cloud contact centre technology.”

The 130 respondents were asked about what was driving them towards cloud computing use, with 47% stating that they needed a fast solution to ensure quick response times.  In addition, 45% revealed that scalability, flexibility, security and simplicity were important for their call centre.

For many call centres, the latest data shows ever increasing movement towards cloud computing adoption.  With the technology having many benefits, it can be the right choice for a lot of businesses.

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