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Call centres increasingly doing away with ‘agent’ job title

Business people with headsets using computers in officeFor many years, call centre employees working on the frontline of customer services have been collectively known as agents. However, new research has found that 31 per cent of firms now call their staff by a different name to help reflect the increasingly complex nature of the customer services role.

Instead of “agent”, many telephone answering services are choosing to call frontline staff names such as Customer Support Specialist, Customer Service Representative, Customer Experience Advisor or even Ambassador.

Plantronics’ Global Customer Experience Marketing Head Richard Kenny feels that the term “agent” is “a little bit generic and it does not reflect the increasing difficulty of the jobs people are doing.” For example, calling people agents might undermine the importance of such a role.

One alternate to the agent label is Call Centre Communications Professional. The term is extremely practical, allowing agents to be moved between departments and tasks as needed, from actively answering calls to dealing with white mail and email. Such a title also looks good on a CV. Although this might seem counterproductive, workers might well feel a boost in pride with their new titles and therefore be more motivated and passionate about their duties.

For the many call centres that want to develop new and unique job titles, it is important to bear in mind the employees’ role and the vertical they are working in. Even if there are very few differences between positions, it is important not to cast everyone under a single banner. By developing better job titles, call centre workers can feel more motivated and proud of their job and its responsibilities.

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