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Call centres in Britain highlighted as the best

Choosing a call centre can be hard, especially for those who are eyeing up telephone answering services that may be located abroad.  However, a recent study published in a national newspaper revealed that British call centres remain the best option when dealing with residents of the UK.

Earlier in November, the Times ran a two-page spread on the best locations for call centres.  One expert from the industry, Stephen Bentley, revealed that many companies were beginning to turn their backs on the cheaper call centre offerings abroad to bring their business back to the UK.  Though this does not always have immediate financial rewards, it goes a long way to increasing customer satisfaction, and allows for quality control to improve.

Talking of the benefits that come with utilising a British call centre, Mr Bentley said “Management are able to visit the centres themselves, without the long-haul flights, and they can ensure that the people representing their brand are doing so as required.  Of course, you have the added benefit of language and culture, and actually that is becoming a more important factor when it comes to running a successful operation.”  He added that call centres must never forget that they are guarding the branding of companies.  This means that even the smallest of unsatisfactory experiences for customers can result in a huge loss of lifetime spend.  This cost, when held up against offshore savings, could make bringing call centre business back to Britain highly advisable for many firms, helping them increase customer satisfaction and build a better brand presence.

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